Best Hidden Deal in Frequent Flyer Traveling

One of the most amazing deals in the world of frequent flyer programs is South West’s Companion Pass If you rack up 110,000 miles in a single calendar year, then every time you buy a ticket for the rest of that year and the following year. Then you can bring a companion for FREE. That’s like “half off flying!”

You pay for one ticket, and get another free. Even if you use your frequent flyer miles on SWA for your own ticket, your companion can fly for free.

Wait until SWA has a high bonus (typically 50k miles) which they offer a couple times a year. Don’t apply for and spend the minimum amount in October when you have only another few months to try to rack up the balance of points. Apply and spend in January (or apply in December when bonuses are typically higher for SWA, but don’t spend all required until January).

If they are running a 50k bonus and you get both the personal and business card, then bingo…100k points already. There are many ways to rack up the additional 10k miles, including:

  • Flying SWA
  • Car rental
  • Hotel stays
  • Rapid Rewards Shopping which gives you miles when you buy, and sometimes has bonuses on top of this.

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