Explore Europe In Style and Comfort!

Explore Europe In Style and Comfort!

Everybody loves travelling around the world, to see the historical places, beautiful rivers and lakes, take in the beauty of the country’s art and the landscape. Thrifty Traveler has come up with a great opportunity for you, through which you can travel to Europe this winter or spring. The best part about this is that, Thrifty Traveler uses Turkish Airlines, that travels from 7 US cities to many cities in Europe and the price is $487 for a round-trip in coach!

Why chose Thrifty Traveler?

  • If you change your mind after booking a flight, you can cancel within 24 hours of your purchase
  • If you have a stop in Istanbul for more than six hours, then you will get a free lunch and a free tour of the Istanbul due to Turkish Airlines
  • If you have a stay for more than ten hours in Istanbul, then you will get a free hotel room in one of the best hotel chains like Hilton
  • You will be able to travel to many destinations, including the following:
  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Dubai
  • Malta
  • Stockholm
  • Geneva
  • Paris
  • Pisa
  • Rome
  • Lyon
  • Zurich

Explore Europe In Style and Comfort in Rome


Best Rates

Some of the Best Rates that we are offering are as follows:

If you want to go to Rome, Italy and you live in one of the following cities:

  • NYC
  • Chicago
  • Boston
  • DC
  • Miami
  • LAX
  • San Francisco

Then you have to pay for $524. If you want to go to Venice, Italy, from any of the above cities, except Boston and including Houston, then you will be charged from $510. If you want to go to Istanbul, Turkey on a nonstop flight and from the above locations except San Francisco and including SFO, then you will be charged from $498. Similarly, if you want to enjoy the beauty of Luxembourg and you live in NYC, Chicago, and Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles or San Francisco, then you will be charged from $484.

If you want to travel now, then you should book your ticket 1 day in advance. If you book by 31st January 2016, then you will be able to travel till April 30, 2016, which means a maximum stay of 3 months! Imagine travelling to beautiful places for three months, with the best Turkish Airlines; it will be a dream come true!

Booking and Cancellation

If you choose Orbitz and Expedia to book your tickets, then you will be given a refund in case you want to cancel it, but there is a short period of cancellation. Turkish Airlines doesn’t extend this facility of refund; however, if you book through a travel agency, then you can cancel within 24 hours. Another fact worth mentioning here is that if you don’t collect the miles which Turkish Airlines offer, those miles can be credited to another Star Airline alliance like the United Airlines. The number of miles that you earn depends on the class and airline that you decide to choose for crediting.

To read about the best cards that you should use to avail maximum benefits, please read this article.

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