Tesla Model 3 – How to Book your Tesla


Are you following the hype surrounding the launch of Model 3 by Tesla? If you are a Tesla lover and already own Model X or Model S, then you are in luck! Tesla has announced that they will be giving preference to existing customers during the booking of their new Model 3.


If you are a new customer, you can register the Model 3 at the day of launch, while visiting the showroom on the day of launch, or you can register it online. Registration will cost you a thousand dollars which will be refunded to you if you decide to cancel your registration. It can also be carried forward in case you change your mind and decide to register Model X or Model S.


In order to promote the new model, Tesla has designed a region-based breakdown for the ordering process. Priority is going to be given to those regions that currently have a smaller number of Tesla owners. So if you are residing in such a region, you could be in luck!


Tesla will begin taking orders for Model 3 in-store at 10 am Pacific on March 31st however, online orders will only begin after the new model is officially unveiled in the evening! So get ready to book your Tesla!


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